LIG Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Robert Rabinowitz

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Robert Rabinowitz

By Emily Da Cruz
06:00 PM Tue January 17, 2023

December’s volunteer spotlight, Dr. Robert Rabinowitz, is an integral component to the LIG Global family. Since learning about LIG, Dr. Rabinowitz has volunteered on several trips in order to provide high-quality healthcare and compassion to communities in need. Thank you, Robert!

LIG Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Robert Rabinowitz


    As we wrap up 2022 in the coming week, LIG Global would like to take time to highlight and thank our terrific volunteer, Dr. Robert Rabinowitz, for his commitment to medical service throughout the years.     

    As a member of the LIG Global community, Dr. Rabinowitz has actively participated in multiple trips, serving as an instrumental component of our team by helping provide high-quality healthcare to communities in need.    

    After receiving his medical degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, Dr. Rabinowitz went on to work as a pediatrician, with an interest in infant and child health and development, in both upstate NY and later West Orange, NJ.    

    In his practice, Dr. Rabinowitz has developed meaningful relationships with his patients as well as their families. Since retiring, Dr. Rabinowitz has used his new time to take on various hobbies and activities, including exercising, playing bridge, and spending time with families; he and his wife, Robin, are avid travelers and have planned a few trips for the future.    

    Having always had a desire to put his skill-set to serve others, Dr. Rabinowitz and his wife learned of LIG Global from a friend, Charlie Gabarino, who connected them to Ernani and Sarah Sadural, executive members of LIG. 

    “As soon as we got together with Ernani and Sarah Sadural,” Dr. Rabinowitz described, “we knew LIG was the perfect opportunity.”    

    Dr. Rabinowitz, his wife, and friends, Jeff Bourne and Paty Meller, have volunteered as a group on their LIG trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and the Blackfoot Reservation in Montana. On each of these trips, Dr. Rabinowitz described having an amazing experience connecting with the team as well as the communities that were served. 

        When reflecting on his experiences, Dr. Rabinowitz remarked, “Although I believe and sincerely hope we did well and gave of ourselves in a meaningful way, I am convinced that on each of these trips we received much more than we gave.”   

    We thank Dr. Rabinowitz for his commitment to serving others as a member of the LIG Global team; our work would not be possible without the commitment and compassion of volunteers like you!