LIG Global - At LIG Global, We Are Dedicated to Utilizing Medicine, Education, & Impactful Partnerships to transform the lives of those we serve.

At LIG Global, we are dedicated to utilizing medicine, education, and impactful partnerships to transform the lives of those we serve.

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Through 10 Years of Service LIG Global Foundation has helped transform the lives of countless individuals from 11 different countries. We have supplied medical care, medical training, and a variety of social programs to citizens of some of the world's most underserved populations.

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LIG Global is always looking for both medical and non-medical volunteers who are committed to our mission. We welcome compassionate volunteers to sign up today and turn their interests into the service of others.

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Can't volunteer? You can still help us by contributing to LIG Global financially. Your donation will help deliver care, compassion, and education directly to the communities we serve.


Education is one of the cornerstones of LIG Global’s commitment to all they serve. By sharing their education and working side-by-side with both medical and non-medical volunteers, LIG teaches healthcare providers in underserved areas, relevant and innovative techniques for addressing their community's needs.


Our volunteers are dedicated to serving some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world. LIG Global delivers highly customized care and education based on needs assessments of each area we serve. Understanding how we can best serve these communities is integral to ensuring our success.


We strive to create a world where all people have access to high-quality healthcare that is delivered with compassion. We feel that it is LIG Global's duty to leverage the experience of our volunteers to educate, provide care, and make positive sustainable changes in communities throughout the world.

Medical Programs

LIG Global delivers reliable, excellent medical care to communities around the world with little or no access to healthcare. We continue to proudly conduct several charitable projects around the world year round. Our vision is that of a global community in which all persons have access to excellent health-care, where no one is forgotten, and where human dignity is cherished.

Shifting the Healthcare Paradigm in Peru

LIG Global Foundation is proud to work side-by-side with local healthcare providers throughout the Cajamarca region of Peru to provide top quality healthcare to individuals throughout the surrounding area . By providing the latest techniques and technologies, together we tackle complex surgeries and women’s healthcare. From medical education to general healthcare, LIG is committed to ensuring the community are able to live up to their full potential.

Expanding Services in the Dominican Republic

Every year, LIG Global conducts a medical mission at the Hospital Provincial in Dajabón, DR. From routine exams to complex surgeries, LIG Global offers healthcare to patients who would otherwise have to wait months, if not years, for medical care. LIG also works in conjunction with a local school for special needs children. Besides providing health screening, LIG prides itself on donating materials to the school, running summer camps, and yes, even providing Hula Hoops!

Addressing Health and Social Needs in Appalachia

LIG is proud to collaborate with the Health Wagon Clinic in Wise, Virginia to bring healthcare and community development to the Appalachia region of the United States. Access to healthcare in this rural community is very limited. Through a collaborative effort composed of medical care and community development conducted by LIG Global and the Health Wagon, the people of Appalachia are able to live more comfortably and healthily.

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