Our Mission

“At LIG Global, we are dedicated to utilizing medicine, education, and impactful partnerships to transform the lives of those we serve.”

Our Vision

Share. Service. Integrity. 

LIG Global Foundation is committed to delivering humanitarian relief to communities in great need around the world. By upholding our vision of sharing, service, and integrity, we continue our global mission to transform the lives of those they serve.

Together, with dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers, supplies, and technology, LIG Global and our partners continue to build sustainable and impactful relationships with the people and communities we serve.

Education is one of the cornerstones of LIG Global’s commitment to all we serve. By sharing our knowledge and working side-by-side with both medical and non-medical volunteers, LIG teaches healthcare providers in underserved areas, relevant and innovative techniques for addressing their community's needs.

Our volunteers are dedicated to serving some of the most vulnerable communities throughout the world. LIG Global delivers highly customized care and education based on needs assessments of each area we serve. Understanding how we can best serve these communities is integral to ensuring our success.

We strive to create a world where all people have access to high quality healthcare that is delivered with compassion and integrity. We feel that it is our duty to leverage the experience of our volunteers to educate, provide care, and make positive sustainable changes in communities throughout the world.

“Life is great when shared through service with integrity…”



The LIG Global Foundation is committed to its vision of a global community where all persons have access to excellent healthcare, no one is forgotten, and where human dignity is cherished. This short documentary provides valuable insight to LIG Global and our global mission.