LIG Global Partnerships

LIG Global Partnerships

Marian Rose

The Marian Rose Foundation provides quality health care to all peoples all over the world. They provide educational opportunities to medical, nursing and non-medical volunteers in service of peoples of all cultures, beliefs and practices. With established efforts in local health care and educational institutions, The Marian Rose Foundation promotes the health of body and mind. By appealing to the generosity of individuals and organizations who have the resources, talents, financial and otherwise, the Marian Rose Foundation donates to the improvements of the lives of others who have less.

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Health Wagon

The Health Wagon is a nonprofit organization providing mobile health services to the medically underserved in Southwest Virginia since 1980. The Health Wagon visits thirteen sites in Virginia’s Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Lee, Scott, and Wise counties (and the City of Norton) to serve a severely medically underserved population. For every dollar donated to the Health Wagon, approximately $100 reaped in health care benefits. In 2018, the Health Wagon assisted more than 4,000 patients obtain access to care valued at over $5 million.

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CTEN are missionaries. Most of their staff raise their own support. This keeps overhead low, allows more resources to reach the field, and enables CTEN to provide better counsel and support to their family of missionaries. CTEN member Susan Fasino, joined by key family members, have been integral LIG volunteers. LIG is proud to continue to collaborate on projects in line with both CTEN and LIG’s missions with Susan Fasino and all of our volunteers.

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Waves of Health

Waves of Health’s dedicated mission to serve underprivileged communities in the developing world began in 2007. Through their direct action of addressing the healthcare and medical education challenges faced by disadvantaged communities, Waves of Health has treated hundreds of patients and purchased necessary medical and health supplies. Waves of Health is continuously looking for ways to actively support and aid current and future communities around the globe.

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Map International

Map International ensures that quality medicines are delivered properly to trusted partners in countries where most of the population has no access to life-changing medicines or health supplies. By providing medicine and health supplies to those in need, Map International brings hope to more than 200 million around the world. Map International serves all people regardless of religion, gender, race, nationality, or ethnic background so they might experience life to the fullest. Through Map International, LIG was able to donate funds to support an entire year of medication supplies to the people in the Appalachian area near Wise, VA

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One World Surgery

One World Surgery envisions a world with safe, timely, and accessible surgical care toward all people from every walk of life. Their medical missions empower volunteers and staff from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to answer the call and transform lives, and provide patients to take back their lives and give back to their communities. One World Surgery continues to improve and search out new ideas and strategies to transform lives. Dr. Raghu Thunga, one of the founders of LIG Global, continues to be a proud and consistent supporter and volunteer of One World Surgery’s mission.

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Philips Foundation

The Philips Foundation combines innovative products and ongoing collaborations to reduce healthcare inequality. By actively looking for projects and programs that make a positive and lasting impact around the world, the Philips Foundation ensures its global mission and the health and safety of all through a global partnership and sustainable development. The Philips Foundation, and its use of social innovation continues to improve lives and provide access to quality healthcare to underserved communities.

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