Ari Bittel

Advisory Board



Professional History

Ari is the Managing Director at Terranova Corporation in Miami, Florida where he brings experience in acquisitions, financing, and asset management. He is focused on building and overseeing the investment management activities as well as working with the firm's corporate development and strategy. Prior to his work at Terranova Corporation, Ari worked in New York at Innovo Property Group and Rialto Captial before that focusing on acquisition, financing, and asset management endeavors as well as analyzing over a billion dollars in debt and equity investments. Prior to these experiences, Ari served in the United States Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic where he first met the LIG Global team.


Ari attended Bowdoin College where he graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts.  

Vision For LIG Global

"Throughout my life, I have been fortunate in being surrounded by people who realize that the world needs mending. These ordinary people take on the extraordinary mission to help repair the world; each in their own way. It started with the teaching of Tikkun Olam as a child, graduated to the common good at Bowdoin College and was further strengthened in the United States Peace Corps. LIG Global embodies the understanding that life is not perfect, however that imperfection is but an opportunity to better oneself, community, and those we have yet to know and care for. This is why Life Is Great. I want to continue on the mission together; transforming the lives of those we serve alongside those who serve. Together, we can do anything."

Charitable Experience

After the Peace Corps and starting a family of his own, Ari began thinking about how to do acts of common good again. Looking outward was not garnering the desired results so he looked within. The connection he craved was fused together years earlier in the northwest border town of Dajabón, Dominican Republic; when a group of selfless people were determined to help those in need met an idealistic Peace Corps Volunteer in search of helping, however insignificant the task. Since the first mission together, the LIG Global team always garnered excitement and the belief that together we can really make a positive and inspiring impact on volunteers and the people they serve.

Future Goals

Ari's goals for LIG Global are three pronged: • To empower LIG Global by allowing more focus on the Mission instead of its administration. • To open cultural, technical, and human exchanges for the betterment of our global communities. • To realize the growth of community-service and self-sufficiency in the communities where LIG Global serves.