Surya Kuchimanchi - CTO

Chief Technical Officer



Professional History

  Founder/ CEO of SUJA Associates Inc from 2003 to present – Continue to nurture CMM level 3 ISO 9001 and ISO 2700 development center with over 300 professionals working in various capacities. SUJA offers clinical healthcare solutions such as MedicsCloud, Medics DocAssistant, and Virtualsteth with the proprietary ML and AI-based, GYNEYETTM platform.   Partner Vice President at Advanced Data Systems from 2003 to present: a company started in 1977 having a leadership position in providing solutions around its Medics Suite of products.   Worked with GE for over 14 years specializing in shop floor automation and gaining valuable leadership experience in the manufacturing sector. Successfully managed critical projects and helped design and build the State-of-the-Art GE FANUC Robotics plant in Bangalore, India. Prior to that, as a Director at Bartronics, he helped build a business around auto-ID technology.


Master’s in Engineering (Electrical & Electronics)

Vision For LIG Global

"As one of the co-founding members, my dream remains to create an infrastructure that will allow for continuity of care for all, specifically focusing on very remote, low-resource locations globally where people would need the care the most. My belief is that with the right resources and  technology, we can provide lasting healthcare services to those in need"

Charitable Experience

Founding Member and former CIO of LIG Global Foundation

Future Goals

Create a viable Visual inspection of the cervix with acetic acid (VIA) eco system for a global cervical cancer screening program (Advanced VIA, single window approach, contact tracing, ML). He is currently working with AIIMS Delhi to field test the ML based GYNEYE VIA single window platform.