Angela DaCosta - COO

Chief Operating Officer



Professional History

LIG member since 2016; Have been a youth leader and an inventory specialist for Dominican Republic missions; Project Manager for the Preeclampsia Surveillance Kit Community Outreach Program.


The University of Southern Indiana: BS in Biology; The University of Southern Indiana: Master of Health Administration.

Vision For LIG Global

"My vision for LIG Global is to continue the traditions of finding creative ways to serve others through sustainable and forward-thinking strategies. LIG creates the avenues for people to become involved in something so much greater than themselves. This organization fosters an environment that allows individuals to grow and become enlightened to the profound impact that they can have on the world around them. Through global connections within LIG, volunteers have endless support and resources to continue the mission of giving and service. With every project and mission, volunteers are left with a craving to do more and be more for others. The continued growth and forward momentum of the organization will continue to connect more people and “light the spark” in volunteers for many more years to come."

Charitable Experience

LIG Global (Dominican Republic 4 times total), RECOVER Initiative volunteer and Board member, Student Family Health Care Center volunteer, See, Test, Treat Health Education Event volunteer, ALL E.A.R.S. Volunteer.

Future Goals

Standardize operating procedures for the future of the organization, Adapt position descriptions and responsibilities, Aid in the implementation and development of remote systems for providing care through virtual platforms, Continue implementation of local preeclampsia surveillance kits.