Recapping LIG Global’s Mission to Move

Recapping LIG Global’s Mission to Move

By Tommy Nichols - CTO
10:07PM Tue March 23, 2021

LIG Global's Mission to Move has ended! With over 100 participants, Mission to Move brought LIG supporters and volunteers together to make a difference in Maneadero, Mexico.

This past month, volunteers and supporters of LIG Global dedicated themselves to our Mission to Move and we have been blown away by the dedication and generosity of every participant! From biking to yoga to strength training, the 122 participants of LIG Global’s Mission to Move committed themselves to a month of physical activity in order to raise money to help our organization establish a telemedicine program in rural Maneadero, Mexico to ensure that the vulnerable children and their families living in this region have access to high quality healthcare. This remote region of Mexico had limited medical care prior to the start of the pandemic, and the urgent call for physicians to aid in battling the coronavirus has only exacerbated the needs of this region. By funding this telemedicine program, with help from our partners at CTEN, we will ensure that the community in Maneadero is amply cared for. 

Having a total of 1,930 activities logged, with teams such as The Pack Attack and Macaulay Clan leading the charts, participants demonstrated their dedication to helping LIG Global reach its goal of providing consistent, reliable healthcare to rural Mexico. We are elated to announce that, thanks to the commitment of all our participants and supporters, we raised a total of $13,068!! These donations will be vital to establishing the telemedicine program and we look forward to providing care to the individuals in Mexico!

If you didn’t get the chance to participate or donate in Mission to Move, it is not too late to help us reach our goal of $15,000! Feel free to donate via our website at Every donation helps us create a stronger telemedicine program and change the lives of the individuals in need of medical attention. Once again, thank you for all of your support with Mission to Move; our volunteers and supporters are essential to achieving our goals of providing equitable healthcare on a global scale!