LIG Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Shyama Mathews

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Shyama Mathews

By Emily Da Cruz
03:00 AM Wed November 30, 2022

November's volunteer spotlight, Dr. Shyama Mathews, is a recent addition to the LIG Global family. Since learning about LIG, Dr. Mathews has connected with colleagues and other volunteers to continue delivering care to those in need. Thank you, Shyama!

LIG Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Shyama Mathews

    With November coming to a close, many of us are reflecting on what we are grateful to have in our lives; here at LIG Global, we are particularly grateful for our volunteers and their commitment to health equity on a global scale! This month, we thank Dr. Shyama Mathews for sharing her compassion and abilities as part of the LIG Global team.

    Dr. Mathews is a board certified minimally invasive OB/GYN working in New Jersey, providing quality care to all of her patients. Aside from the countless hours she commits to connecting with her patients, Dr. Mathews is kept busy outside of the clinic as she is a mother of three children, who are 2, 4, and 6 years old. She loves to spend time with her family and friends, travel, and read often. 

    Shyama was connected to LIG Global after hearing stories of one of her close friend and colleague’s experiences volunteering with LIG. Dr. Mathews explained that her colleague had, “been involved with LIG for many years and spoke so highly of her experiences in prior missions,” piquing her interest in the organization and how she could contribute. After Dr. Mathew’s colleague suggested her name for an upcoming gynecology mission trip, the two embarked on the trip together as part of LIG Global’s team. This trip would be a special “first” for Dr. Mathews, as it was not only her first trip with LIG Global specifically but also her first mission trip in general. After spending time this past October in Honduras on the trip that was organized between LIG Global and One World Surgery, Dr. Mathews reflected on her experiences, emphasizing how much she enjoyed connecting with such a wonderful team of people, including physicians, nurses, local teams, and (of course) the patients. 

    “I met the most extra ordinary people on this trip,” Shyama remarked, “It re-ignited passion for my work! We all can get buried and burned out with the day to day grind of paperwork and negative vibes- this mission was just the change in perspective I needed to reset myself.”

    In her experience with LIG Global, Dr. Mathews was able to not only provide excellent care to those in need, but also connect with new patients, colleagues, and friends who shared a common goal of serving others. Experiences like this would not be possible without the enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers like Dr. Shyama Mathews, and for that, we thank her!