Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Donato Colavita

Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Donato Colavita

By Tommy Nichols - CTO
10:05PM Wed April 21, 2021

This April, we celebrate Dr. Colavita and his contributions to LIG Global. Our mission wouldn't be possible without the dedication and compassion he brings to our team.

The LIG Global team comprises a variety of extremely talented and passionate individuals who have been able to channel their passions for service and medicine into providing for the communities we serve. Dr. Donato Colavita is one of our valuable volunteers who has played an instrumental role in some of our medical programs.

    Born in Venezuela to Italian parents, Dr. Colavita moved to the United States at age 13. After obtaining his medical degree in the Dominican Republic, where he was able to integrate his Spanish-speaking skills and knowledge of Latino culture with his medical passions, Dr. Colavita was able to establish a successful general surgery practice in Essex County, NJ. Not only does Dr. Colavita have his own practice, but he has also been on staff at various hospitals, including Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Clara Maass Medical Center, Saint Michael's Medical Center, and Saint James Hospital. Although he has recently retired from active practice, Dr. Colavita continues to serve as a surgeon on LIG Global’s volunteer team. 

    Dr. Colavita began his work with LIG Global in 2012 on a trip to Dajabon, Peru after a nurse friend offered the opportunity to him. 

    “Although busy with my practice at the time I decided to accompany them. That is where I met Ernani, Sarah, Claudine, and the rest of the group, and the rest is history.”

    Following his first trip with LIG Global to Peru, Dr. Colavita volunteered on two additional trips to assist with work at the Hospital Regional Docente de Cajamarca. On these trips, he was able to share some of his knowledge of laparoscopic work to colleagues who ultimately became friends as well as spend special time with his children who also came on these trips as LIG Global volunteers. The opportunity to give back to communities in need was a passion of Dr. Colavita’s that LIG Global enabled him to pursue in an effective and meaningful way. Not only was he able to connect with colleagues on an international level and learn about their unique experiences as both a healthcare professional and individual, but he also enjoyed the opportunity to mentor younger surgeons and residents in the technical aspects of the field. From establishing lifelong friendships to training the future leaders of the medical field, Dr. Colavita cherished every moment of his trips to Peru!

    Ultimately, Dr. Colavita expresses the sense of hope for the future that his work with LIG Global has offered him. “Working with the younger volunteers in LIG has reaffirmed that younger generations are capable and willing to sacrifice in order to achieve a good common goal.” Of course, LIG Global would not be able to establish the foundation of a brighter future without the dedication and ability of volunteers like Dr. Colavita. For this reason, we thank Dr. Colavita for his continued support and work with LIG Global and look forward to continuing to work with him on future projects!