Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Lazzaro

Volunteer Spotlight: Donna Lazzaro

By Daniel Guerriero
10:15PM Tue May 18, 2021

This May, we celebrate Ms. Lazzaro and her contributions to LIG Global. Our mission wouldn't be possible without the devotion and care she brings to our team.

In the month of May, LIG Global would like to highlight the outstanding work of our incredible volunteer, Donna Lazzaro. Donna’s devotion to healthcare and volunteer work has been a longstanding quality of hers that we greatly appreciate!

    A mother to two boys and two dogs (Rosie, an English bulldog puppy, and Delilah a lab mix rescue), as well as a grandmother to four grandchildren, Donna has spent countless hours providing and promoting high quality healthcare, both through her professional and personal life. In addition to being a labor and delivery charge nurse at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, Donna has participated in various bike-ride fundraisers for organizations to help with the treatment and search for a cure to MS.

    Through her work as a nurse, Donna was exposed to LIG Global, as many of her coworkers had gone on trips with LIG Global and their stories and experiences piqued her interest. Donna’s first trip with LIG Global was to Grenada, where she describes how behind the beauty of the region, there were communities unable to afford medical care that they so desperately needed. Donna, along with other LIG Global volunteers, including a friend of hers who was also a labor nurse, served the local community at Saint George’s Hospital. On her following trip with LIG Global to the Philippines, Donna described the range of care her and the other volunteers provided to the region, including “cancer screenings, surgeries, and visits to orphanages and schools for teaching moments.” Donna’s memorable experiences in both Grenada and the Philippines led her to continue to join LIG Global on multiple trips to the Dominican Republic where she was able to aid in several surgeries.

    Perhaps the most distinguishing experience for Donna was knowing the lasting impact she had made on the individuals she helped on her trips. She describes how people came from near and far to receive care from LIG Global’s team that they otherwise may not have received. She noted how they were always thankful for the help provided.

“Their gratitude and smiles make it all worth it,” Donna remarked.

We would not be able to create these smiles without the dedication of volunteers like Donna, so we thank her once again for her incredible work! If you would like to volunteer with LIG Global Foundation on future projects, fill out our volunteer application here.