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    Thanks to Peru volunteer team for successful campaign!

    Thanks to Peru volunteer team for successful campaign!

    LIG Global would like to thank our Peru volunteer team for one of our most successful campaigns!

    Our 17 volunteers led by LIG Executive Director Yasmin Lopez consisted of a wide range of specialists and youth volunteers who worked hand in hand with the Regional Government of Cajamarca and their medical staff.

    Our Cardiology team ( Dr Pranay Vaidya, Dr Sarah Timmapuri and Lauren Jameson) performed 12 complex percutaneous coronary interventions including the first aortic valvuloplasty done in Cajamarca.

    Our Cardiothoracic Surgery team (Dr Fred Sardari, Dr Olya Gorenyuk, Nurse Monika Hryniewicki, Perfusionist Beth Cortez, Jonathan Konel) performed 4 major open heart procedures including multi vessel CABG and valvular replacement.

    Our General surgeon, Dr Donato Colavita performed 12 laparoscopic gall bladder and appendix procedures.

    Our OBGYN team ( Dr Gina Zuniga, Dr Kelly Orzechowski, Dr Ernani Sadural, Dr Jonathan Faro and Zoe Dorian) performed 4 laparoscopic and open procedures, trained local OBGYNS in OB ultrasound techniques, trained 87 midwives, nurses and residents on OB emergencies such as postpartum hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia; trained 30 medical students on basic suturing.

    Our Neonatalogy team ( Dr Maria Sanchez and Nurse Kathy McKay) conducted neonatal resuscitation training and surveyed the NICU at the Regional Hospital of Cajamarca.

    Many thanks to our friends and new family in the beautiful region of Cajamarca, Peru!

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