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    Randall T. Weeks Humanitarian Scholarship

    Randall T. Weeks Humanitarian Scholarship

    Randy Weeks mirrored the LIG vision statement. He was a life of kindness, compassion and gratitude. He honored all people, whether lifelong friends or someone he met for the first and last time. His needs were simple – family, home, health and friends. And everyone was a friend.

    Son of a surgeon, Randy was born in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts and reveled in his seaside childhood. When not in school, life revolved around swimming, sailing and friends. There were horses to ride (and stalls to muck out), dogs needing play and countless of God’s little creatures to rescue.

    After the Korean War, where he served as a medical corpsman, he married his high school sweetheart Francine Gavagan and settled down in the same small town where he spent his youth. His children, Martha, Nina and Randy, Jr., enjoyed a similar active upbringing. When Fran founded the country’s first girls little league baseball organization in the 1970’s, he signed up as its first coach and continued coaching many years after his daughter was not eligible to play. He delighted in taking players that other coaches dismissed and turning them into competent athletes. He nurtured them and appreciated their personal growth above their improved baseball skills. He recognized the beauty and dignity of even the clumsiest girls, and they flowered.

    Randy was proud of his daughter Nina, a nurse anesthetist and an LIG veteran and her two children, also LIG mission veterans. Four more of his grandchildren plan to join the LIG family, pleasing him even more. It is fitting that the Randall T. Weeks Humanitarian Scholarship will be used to defray travel expenses, encouraging more volunteers to help deliver medical care to those in need, and help its recipients to discover the joy of giving without expectation of receiving.

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