Specific Goals of the LIG Global Mission:

  • Provide help and proper health care to as many under privileged people as possible.
  • Safely perform surgeries in the specialty areas of: Ob/Gyn, plastic surgery, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, podiatry/wound care.
  • Test out innovative, customized, electronic tools to aid in the rapid triage, assessment and treatment of patients in rural settings.
  • Community outreach:
    • Education of adults and children in personal hygiene, dental hygiene, cholera prevention, diabetes care, blood pressure control.
    • Distribution of educational supplies and toys to local school children.
    • Live data collection and daily reporting to the field team.
    • Distribute chronic long-term medications and short-term medications needed for acute illnesses.
    • Set-up and run a full-fledged pharmacy with medication dispensing and patient-education (verbal and written).

LIG Global-Please enjoy a short video about our philosophy and recent trip to the South Sudan