Surya Kuchimanchi, CIO LIG Global Foundation discusses the Triage 2 Discharge Telemedicine Application

Eicher-award1 Continuity of Care for Even the Most Remote Communities & Most Underserved Individuals!

December 2, 2014: In the words of Mr. Surya Kuchimanchi, CIO LIG Global Foundation

When I joined up with a small group of compassionate physicians to help establish the Life is Great Foundation, my goals were humble – provide a means for the generous medical professionals volunteering to travel and serve a more efficient means to plan, treat, and manage the health of patients through software. I am not a physician, but my company provides software solutions to the organizations that provide care, so with a background in building applications like Electronic Medical Records, I believed my contribution could help Life is Great serve more people while also making the work easier for volunteers.

Helping out after a storm

LIG Global Foundation is humbled by this article posted in the April edition of Morris/Essex Health and Life magazine.

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“I will continue to join missions such as these until my body does not allow me to” Read this beautiful article by DrFalguni Shah on her experiences as a volunteer doctor in the LIG Global Foundation Medical Mission in the Philippines in American Association Of Pediatrics , NJ Chapter Quarterly Magazine, April 2014.

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November 25, 2013: Dr. Ernani Sadural, Chief of Operations and co-founder- LIG Global Foundation was honored with the prestigious 4th Annual Burton L. Eichler Award 2013 in recognition of his selfless humanitarian work through LIG Global Foundation around the world. He has recently returned from Grenada and will be leading a group of 70 individuals to the Philippines next month to aid in the disaster recovery efforts there following Typhoon Haiyan.

Waves of Health “Humanitarian of the Year” Award 2012

February 25, 2012: Dr. Sarah Timmapuri and Dr. Ernani Sadural receive the “Humanitarian of the Year” Award at the annual Waves of Health Benefit Dinner at the Hanover Manor in East Hanover, New Jersey.

IMG_42771-150x150 Chapter for Dr. Charlie Garbarino’s memoir (One Heart – Embrace Life) written by Dr. Sarah Timmapuri and Dr. Ernani Sadural, “Reflections”Read the chapter: “Reflections” (.pdf – takes a few moments to load…) October 31, 2011: Dr. Ernani Sadural, Dr. Raghu Thunga, Dr. Sana Hussain and Ms. Maria Suarez, RN, interviewed by Dominican Republic television news crew in Dajabon, D.R.November 23, 2011: Dr. Sarah Timmapuri interviewed by Dr. Rodney De Jarnett, Headmaster of the Dwight-Englewood School in Englewood, New Jersey