• 18 MAR 15
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    American Doctors in Cajamarca

    Life is Great Global Foundation is holding its cardiovascular and gynecology surgery health campaign at Regional Hospital of Cajamarca. After 11 months of the agreement signed between the Regional Government of Cajamarca and LIG Global Foundation, the doctors from North America finally arrived yesterday in the city of Cajamarca with a team of 21 medical professionals from around the world. The primary focus of this camp will detection of cervical cancer and treatment which involves Colposcopy and Cryotherapy procedures.

    A press conference was held at the Medical College of Cajamarca to honor the team from Life is Great where the Social Development Manager Regional Government Dr. Sara Palacios Sanchez, Manager of Population Affairs Sub Engineer Carlos Mendoza Diaz, the Regional Director of Health Dr. Carlos Segundo Zapatel Gordillo and the Director of Regional Hospital of Cajamarca Dr. Enrique Vargas Rojas spoke about the camp.

    Members of Life Is Great Global foundation also spoke about their organization. On behalf of Dr. Ernani Sadural (the founder of LIG Global Foundation), Dr. Sarah Timmapuri (Executive Director of the Global Foundation LIG) stated an overview of the Foundation, noting that began with 4 friends who shared a dream. “The dream was: use our education in medicine to serve the people who have the most urgent need. Though we work in the United States, caring for people who need us daily, but we know that it is also true that in this world there are people for whom this need is bigger, more urgent – very vulnerable people without resources. ” In 2010, with the dedicated and focused commitment of its founding members, the four doctors decided to engage in the service of the people as much as they could.

    “There is a saying:” Life is Good “(Life is Good), in 2010, we discovered that the truth is that life is not just” good “is” great “(great) when we serve others and so we took the name: “Life Is Great Global Foundation,” he said during his presentation last night at the Medical College.

    “In the last 4 years we have worked in 10 countries, including: Haiti, Dominican Republic, India, Philippines, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Grenada, USA, and Peru. In these projects, we have learned much, very important thing we learned is that there are 2 views in overall medical service; one is that the medical service should focus on caring for individual patients that do not work the big plans of giving vaccines, or distribute protections to children from mosquitoes. For example: They say, it’s worth a vaccine program that works when there are children dying at home with congenital heart weakness. Another is that the individual service is not good, that care for 50 patients if the population of children not receiving the necessary vaccinations. We believe that it is possible to do both. We believe that efforts at the level of the population as a whole are essential in the fight against global diseases. But we also believe that when a person approaches another, and when touched with love and empathy nothing alike.”

    They gave another example, “We have worked in places where our volunteers examined and played EGC patients, it was the first time that these people felt a human touch without violence and pain.

    Here in Peru we think we can combine the two ways in combating diseases, here we hope to work in the very personal level when we operate hand in hand together with doctors in Cajamarca, because we have the support and the incredible confidence Regional Government and the Directorate Regional Health, we also hope to work at the level of the general population with the program of the VAT, emphasized while thanking the organizers for hosting both Lima Airport and Cajamarca on receiving at the College Physician.

    Meanwhile this morning were felicitated at the Regional Hospital of Cajamarca where a brief ceremony where Dr. Jorge Martos welcomed them. Dr. Ernani Sadural founder of LIG GLOBAL thanked the people of Cajamarca. Dr. Cristian Rodriguez on behalf the Regional Director of Health predicted success in the medical campaign, including both Dr. Sara Palacios Sanchez Manager of Social Development Regional Government officially opened campaign and engineer Carlos Mendoza Diaz, assistant manager Affairs Population presented the program to develop for five days in the city of Cajamarca.

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