“Life is great when shared through service with integrity…”

Vision Statement

The LIG Global Foundation’s vision is that of a global community in which all persons have access to excellent health-care, where no one is forgotten, and where human dignity is cherished.

Mission Statement

  • To deliver humanitarian relief to people in great need around the world by bringing together dedicated medical and non-medical volunteers, supplies and technology.
  • To inspire medical volunteerism by educating health-care professionals and sending them on medical missions to under-served areas to create a circle of sharing.
  • LIG seeks to reach out to those who have been forgotten.

What we are

The LIG Global Foundation began as the dream of four close friends who made a promise to give of themselves through charitable medical care. In August of 2011, these four friends, Dr. Sarah Timmapuri (CEO), Dr. Ernani Sadural (COO), Dr. Raghu Thunga (CMO), and Mr Surya Kuchimanchi (CIO) formed the LIG Global Foundation with a  primary aim to provide a global community in which everyone will have access to up-to-date surgical equipment and excellent health-care.This organization then received its status as a designated 501(c)3 non-profit on September 4, 2011.

With the dedicated and focused commitment of its founding members and its hundreds of volunteers, LIG has conducted charitable projects around the world in nine countries (Dominican Republic, Haiti, India, Philippines, Grenada, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Peru) through a number of successful trips over the past years. LIG has partnered with other charitable organizations, local community organizations, medical schools, residency programs and public charitable clinics. It has set up a telemedicine station in one of the public health clinics in the city of Iloilo in the Philippines and is currently using this to give cardiology support to a clinic that previously had no EKG machine and no cardiac care.

LIG has partnered with the St. Paul’s University Hospital in Iloilo and participates in the teaching of its OB/GYN residents through visiting professorships. LIG has also trained local community workers and nurses in India in VIA (visual inspection of the cervix utilizing acetic acid), an economical alternative to PAP smears in rural areas where there are no available laboratory facilities. LIG has collected an more than $2 million dollars worth of donated medications, equipment and supplies and has distributed these donations throughout its projects.

The purpose of the LIG Global Foundation:

  • To deliver reliable, excellent medical care to people around the world who have little or no access to it.
  • To serve as a hub for donations to people with unmet needs from people and companies with resources.
  • Educate healthcare professionals to do medical volunteerism.
  • Bring attention to people and communities in dire need through photojournalism